Vintage Italian flatbread... reinvented

The Farinata is a chickpea based flatbread traditionally found along the Tuscan coast. Built off of the time-honored Italian tradition, the Farinata Project has re-crafted the process and re-introduced it to the American market. An unleavened, naturally gluten free flatbread, the Farinata is perfect as a main course or accompaniment to any meal.  

Seasonally Inspired

This season we have five flavors for you to choose from. We select farm fresh ingredients and make every batch by hand. Frozen to hot in 10-15 minutes, the Farinata is a perfect snack or a base for salads, tapenade, soups and stews.
all photos  by: Eric Futran

A super food easily grown everywhere in the world and coveted by kings and queens for its health benefits. Naturally gluten free and one of the most complete non-animal proteins available­ — its nature perfected. Used as the base of our Italian flatbread known as the Farinata. 

red chard, wine soaked raisins, roasted pinenuts

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We're available throughout the Chicago area and looking to expand. If you'd like Farinata to be carried in your local store, please contact us directly. 

On the Liguarian coast, in the hills by the ocean are five towns known as Cinque Terra or the Five Lands. Each town fills a crevice running from the ridge top to the sea. Cut off from one another by high cliffs, only ridge passes and stepped farming kept these villages connected. On the slopes, the locals grew chickpeas and made a bread of them, filled with herbs and soaked in olive oil known as the Farinata. It's a staple food still found on sale in the Focacceria by the sea. 

The Farinata Project's culinary director, Ali Cole, first discovered the farinata while living in Italy and experimenting from locally published cookbooks. With a love for flavor, she found the flatbread to be both versatile and adaptable. The addition of select cheeses, farm fresh produce and a few delicately prepared meats made the farinata a perfect solution to her gluten free diet and gave birth to The Farinata Project. Today she offers her reinvented vintage Italian flatbread to the States - available frozen in selected stores.

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Matt Marcus

Frozen to Hot

Our farinata are freshly baked and then flash frozen to retain all the flavors of the ingredients. Keep them in your freezer for easy access to a delicious taste of Italy.

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